From Mark and Carol LaVerdiere
To: Log Homes Canada/Chilliwack Mountain Log Homes 
Keith, Colin, Shelley, Andrea 
May 26, 2011

My friends from Log Homes Canada,

It is my distinct pleasure to write this "Thank you" letter to express our sincere gratitude for making our dream come true in delivering to our family a beautifully crafted log home

As you know, this day has been a long time coming and is a result of years of research before we even choose to entrust your company to build our dream log home.  One thing I took note of while doing our due diligence in choosing a log home manufacturer, and truly made Log Homes Canada out from other log home companies, was the number of previous customers I found that talked about the great TRUST they had in Colin and the rest of the Log Homes Canada staff.  I found a perfect example of this trust when I actually travelled to meet with a rancher who had just built a log home with Log Homes Canada and he told me that the whole deal to produce his home was done by a "firm handshake".  While touring his home, his pride of ownership was very evident in the way that he showed me the attention to detail that Log Homes Canada took in building his dream home.

As I look back on the whole process of building our log home, I can echo those remarks from my own experience with Colin and his team.  I first met Colin and Shane when I travelled to Chilliwack to tour his construction yard in the spring of 2009.  I was immediately impressed with how the Log Homes Canada team worked as a family unit and also with the quality of their log homes that were being built in the yard.  "Open" and "Honest" are two keywords that stick out in my mind from my first impressions of Colin and Shane.  Sometimes in life you can sense when something is "just right" and I can honestly say that I knew right away that Log Homes Canada was the perfect company to build my family's dream log home.  In continuing my due diligence, I later met with, and toured the construction yards, of other log home companies prior to making our final decision on which company to give our business to.  I can tell you that all fell short in the standard that was set by Log Homes Canada.

During the building process, I was unfortunately out of the country and therefore not around to assist in any way.  Colin and his team went "above and beyond", and truly made the whole experience a smooth and stress free experience.  My wife and I were constantly updated with emails and pictures of the building process and the final product exceeded our expectations.  Considering that I had VERY high expectations, that statement says a great deal.  We were blown away with how everyone at Log Homes Canada worked overtime to complete our home on time while dealing with some extreme weather conditions in Chilliwack over the winter months.  I was incredibly grateful with how much care, and attention to detail, the crew put into our home.

In closing, I want to express to anyone who is considering building a log home to take a very close look at Log Homes Canada.  My wife and I feel blessed to have had our dream log home built by such a caring organization and we will now enjoy a lifetime of friendship with the Log Homes Canada team that has been formed through this process.  I wish each of you great success in the building of your dream home.  

Best Regards,
Mark and Carol LaVerdiere
"Snowbird" floor plan