Blue Prints

At Westlogs we know that every dream house is personal and starts with an idea. And every idea is put on a paper which transforms into an astonish result if taken the time to go over every detail carefully.

The blueprints are one of the most important piece of the puzzle that bonds your idea to the realization of your dream home. That’s why we will make this process an exciting and enjoyable experience. We will make unlimited modifications until you are satisfied 100% with the final result. 3D plans will also be provided along the way to better visualize your future home.

In the log package the construction blueprints are included. They will be complete in all details and ready to be signed (legalized) by your local architect or engineer. If any changes are required by the architect or local engineer, we will do them free of charge.

We design our plans to meet or exceed national building standards set forth by the IRC (International Residential Code). Modifications may be necessary to meet local building codes. Please check with a local architect, builder or other construction professional in your area in regards to the local building codes if anything in particular we must be informed in advance.