About Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a distinct, superior species unique to the Northwest coast of North America. It's coloring is uniquely attractive offering rich, warm coppery hues in unfinished form and it acts as a natural air freshener leaving a subtle aromatic odor.

Cedar has many natural characteristics which make it ideal for building quality homes. It is impervious to the weather, stable, finishes beautifully and has a lasting aroma that is refreshing and inviting. The natural insulating qualities of cedar have made it the preferred species for building in some of the world's coldest climates.

Western Red Cedar is saturated with a natural preservative and is coveted for its resistance to splitting, cracking, decay, rot and pestilence. These innate characteristics make cedar the ideal choice for building also in tropical climates where mildew and insect infestation are surmounted without having to introduce man-made preservatives into the fiber of your home.

Cedar's exceptionally light, soft texture and close, even, straight grain not only make it easy to work with, but result in a finish that is silky smooth to perfection. Additionally, cedar is free from pitch. It also takes and holds to staining beautifully.

Western Red Cedar's very low coefficient of expansion means that it does not shrink, swell, or warp excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature or moisture. And it's a perfect insulator.